The PeterMac Show

Began work on this project in January 2005. The Peter Mac Show is a radio talk show host by Peter H. McCandless, PhD and currently broadcasts via the Internet on The Micro Effect radio network. Originally an AM radio show broadcasting from KCXL 1140 AM in Liberty Missouri, The Peter Mac Show is dedicated to the promotion of individual rights and covers a wide variety of political and economic topics not covered in the mainstream news. I continue to be intimately involved with this site as the host mails or uploads audio content for posting to his Podcast, as well as to maintain items for the site shopping cart and posting of Op-Ed articles.

peter mac show

Peter Mac Show revised summer 2009.


This project came to me after Waterband recorded a full length audio CD in my recording studio (see Pro Audio Menu item for details). The band wanted to be able to administer most site functionality themselves, such as posting new show dates and adding to a photo gallery, but I continue to have some involvement posting audio files and making minor changes to content on occasion. Site features a Gig Calendar, Forums, Guestbook, Audio streaming/downloading, and Photo Gallery. The site went live in May of 2005 and was recently redesigned through March/May 2006.

Diamond Dogs

This is the second incarnation of this web site for Cleveland area David Bowie Tribute Act, Diamond Dogs. Site features a Gig Calendar, Audio demo streaming, Guestbook, and Photo Gallery. Unfortunately, the web site using this design is now defunkt.

Rigel Records, Ltd.

Site for local independent record label, Rigel Records, home of local progressive rock musical project Temple 8 (whose site is shown below) and other projects produced and released by 3rd Ear proprietor, Kurt Tischer.

Rigel Records, Ltd. (2009 redux)

rigel records 2009


 This is a site just completed in May 2006 for the Faculty of Park University in the Kansas City, Missouri area. Created mainly as a forum for Park University faculty.

laren rose dot com

Recently completed in August 2006. Continue to work on updates and new features and content. recently revised version - August 2007

Adventures In Legal Land

Recently contracted by site owner Marc Stevens, this new design went live in November 2006. New features are still being added. There is a lot of interesting material at this site. Visit Adventures In Legal Land.

Aventures In Legal Land recently revised - June 2007

MarcStevens.Net (formerly Adventures In Legal Land)

marc stevens dot net

Adventures in Legal Land was recently changed to MarcStevens.Net. The above design was just completed in September of 2009.

MEP Surplus

After spending thousands of dollars and many months of lost time on inept designers, the folks at MEP Surplus contacted us in December 2006 to untangle the maze of poorly designed or non-functional code and undocumented processes in order to get their site running smoothly. Concurrent with simply getting the site to run smoothly is now the task of designing a fully modular, extensible architecture and separating design from content.

When MegaGlobal Media struck gold with several regionally popular ad campaigns, they felt it was time to revamp their web presence. They needed a quick turnaround, a great price and someone to manage the site as well. 3rd Ear answered the call and the rest, as they say, is history.

The Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania

September 2007 (

The Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania (2009 redux) 2009

Temple 8

July 2007 (

Temple 8 (2009 redux) 2009


January 2007 (

KurtTischer.Net (2009 redux) 2009

Meadowvale Psychotherapy

After having spent about a year participating in the discussion groups at, I was approached by Mr. Stefan Molyneux to do a site for his wife, Christina, a practicing psychologist.

October 2008 (

the girls band

The City Desk Company

citydesk screenshot

Completed in August 2009, Cleveland-based office furniture reseller, The City Desk Company was looking for a web site and catalog system to show their wares. This was a completely proprietary design using PHP and MySQL and also provides a backend adminsitration interface for City Desk staff to enter product information and photos. This job also included a page for their sister operation Independent Office Installations, shown below.

Independent Office Installations

ioi screenshot